At HypoActive, we believe diabetics should harness their insulin injected engines.

Exercise promotes a whole range of health benefits, and for diabetics, this is especially important. But it's not easy. It can be complicated and frustrating. No one wants hypos (or hypers) during or after exercise.

The mission statement for HypoActive is: to inspire and enable the Type 1 community to live a more physically active lifestyle.

We are your peers. We too go through the same challenges surrounding exercise in a busy lifestyle while managing type 1 diabetes. We welcome anyone who is interested in exercise regardless of their current level of activity and experience.


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Marvelous Maribyrnong: Poynton's Nursery, Essendon

Event Date 28 Sep 2014

The next HypoActive Fun Run - or Walk or Ride - is at this fantastic location on the mighty Maribyrnong River in Essendon. As green wedges go, the Maribyrnong is probably the finest. There are paths and cycleways aplenty along both sides of this majestic waterway and even bridges to create scenic loops. If you bring your bike and feel like just carrying on you can ride all the way up to Brimbank Park, through some of Melbourne's finest riverside parklands, or head straight down to Docklands and Footscray. In Essenden itself, there are massive wide paths, very little traffic and enough people out exercising to keep you motivated and moving. But if it's the meet you like, there's a superb cafe lined up for the post-activity refueling. 

Beautiful park


Special Ride for Special Riders

Event Date: 12 Oct 2014

After a number of years of raising solid teams of type 1 cyclists for the annual Bicycle Queensland event, this year HypoActive is doing something just a little different. We're putting on a ride solely for type 1's and planning a special route to fill all your type 1 needs.

The official BQ Brisbane to the Gold Coast Cycle Challenge is being held on 19th October. I'm sure this will once again prove to be a successful mass-rider event. All type 1's now have the opportunity of joining in with these festivities, but also, the weekend before on Sunday 12th October, you've got the chance to team up with determined type 1's and get with the HypoActive factor. On this special day, Queenslanders - and any riders from further afield - can get that extraordinary feeling of falling in with a bunch of people who all live with that difficult and ever-present condition: type 1 diabetes.


HypoActive Spring Team Event

Event Date: 12 Oct 2014

This is the biggest marathon in Australia. It has been running since 1978, when over 2,000 people ran from Frankston to the Melbourne Town Hall. Now there are well  over 6,000 who complete the full marathon and over 35,000 runners and walkers who enter the four accompanying - shorter - distances. And once again, the amazing new HypoActive singlets will be out there, spread through the separate events, showing active people from all walks of life that type 1 diabetes needn't stop anyone doing anything.

The Melbourne Marathon Festival has the full marathon (42.2 km), the halfie (21.1 km), a 10 km run, a 5 km run and a 3 km walk. This fantastic range of distances is what pulls so many people in - there's an event for everybody. HypoActive has some strong runners, but we are hoping that some of those who run for fun will find a spot that suits them. It would be great to see HypoActive running gear standing out and getting noticed on all of these courses.


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Run Melbourne and City2Surf Success

Maria Smyth is relatively new to a type 1 world, but not to exercise. She has always understood the importance of and enjoyed keeping fit, but when delivered the weighty diagnosis just a couple of years ago found it difficult and frightening to contemplate hurling herself into training.  Then she heard of HypoActive and took steps to find out more.


The first AcT1vate - a weekend created to bring together type 1's of all abilities for learning, sharing and experiencing exercise - was in 2010. We're now planning our 4th AcT1vate, but it's heart-warming to see other entities tackling the now defined need for enabling type 1's to better their health by getting active. Over August 8th to 10th, AMSL ​Diabetes gathered clinicians and type 1's from all over the country at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra to get learning, leaping and lapping up the good oil on type 1 diabetes and exercise.