Gavin Wright

Gavin was president of HypoActive from November 2011 to July 2015 and has been writing the popular HypoActive newsletter since 2007.

Diagnosed in 1964, Gavin led an active life, but not one filled with exercise, until someone lent him a bicycle in 1999. 'I'd forgotten how much fun it is to ride a bike,' says Gavin. 'I loved it. I started training and realised pretty soon that my diabetes was managed better the more exercise I got. Since then I've never looked back.'

Proud to wear the HypoActive jersey

Pretty soon Gavin was planning adventures on his bike and it was after crossing the Andes in Peru on what was believed to be the highest surfaced road in the world in 2005 that his endo pointed him towards a group called HypoActive. Shortly after meeting up with these active type 1's, Gavin signed up for his first HypoActive Murray to Moyne. 'Joining HypoActive and riding the Murray to Moyne have changed my life, really fundamentally. It's hard to believe how much I've learned and strengthened by getting involved.'

In 2009 Gavin led a cycling expedition up Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano in the world in remote northern Chile, The team, which included two active HypoActive's, crossed the Atacama Desert, before cycling up to extreme altitude. Read Gavin's report here.

Gavin (right) climbing Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano in the world, 2009

In 2011, Gavin won the Roche Sweet Talk - Adult Achiever of the Year Award for his message to the diabetes community  - and the world - 'Diabetes didn't stop me - and it never will.'

Gavin's latest adventures on his bicycle took place in 2015 in Bolivia and Peru. Read about his adventures here.

Gavin is planning future adventures in the Amazon and the Andes with his bicycle and his type 1 diabetes. Watch these pages for exciting updates.