Melbourne Marathon - a Festival of Running!

HypoActive had a variety of runners participating in the Melbourne Marathon Festival on Sunday October 10. 

Click on read more to discover what Gary and Hannah had to say about doing a run with HypoActive..


St George Melbourne Marathon Festival.

By Gary Kilov 
Running is by its nature a solitary endeavour.
Even when involved in an event attracting 27,000 competitors, one is ultimately still in one’s own space, racing against one’s self.
Analogous in many ways to living with and managing our T1D.
This event was a first for me, where I have had the privilege and pleasure of being a member of a running team. Not just any team, but a group of individuals who share some unique challenges and strengths as well as a passion for pounding the pavements and ruining a perfectly civilised Sunday morning by getting up at some ungodly hour to inflict pain on their innocent and altogether unsuspecting bodies.
How we thrive on this.
And unique we are; I’ve been a member of quite a number of organisations, committee’s, working groups and so forth but this is the first time I’ve had to register my blood sugars, pre and post meet!
Running towards the MCG I was preoccupied with my own thoughts, cajoling myself towards the finish line when I heard a voice of encouragement calling out to me.
I saw Dan (Seller, a HA helper on the day) and instantly felt a turbo boost propelling my weary legs to the finish line in that glorious arena, the MCG.
Taking part in one of the biggest events of its nature has been a thrill. The added camaraderie and support from HypoActive rounded off a superb event for me. I hope it did for you too.

A Run with Mum

By Hannah Bush

My mother and I made the decision to run with HypoActive in the Melbourne Marathon Festival. We initially decided to run the 10km which we knew would be a big challenge for non-runners, however entries were sold out for the 10km event before we had a chance to enter.  We gladly entered the much more achievable distance of 5.7km.
We arrived on the morning looking fabulous in our new singlets, and feeling even better. From the time I woke I had near perfect levels (5.7mmol), My mum insisted on carrying my pump with her for the run because I made the decision to put a temp basal on 30minutes before the event and not wear the pump during the run. I think my mum felt more closely connected to HypoActive and a little more “insulin injected” by carrying the pump for me! I carried my lollies which were not needed and we completed the course in a very slow 40 minutes. After the run my BGL was 6.3mmol and two lattes and two hours later i was still very stable at 7.4mmol.
Highlight of the run was sprinting (or attempting to sprint) a lap of the G at the finish, as well as seeing other HypoActive folk at the finish.
Next year were planning on getting serious and attempting the 10km.


If you are into a bit of running, we would love to hear from you and see you on one of our future events.  All welcome, no matter your fitness level or background.  There is always heaps to gain from being around others dealing with the same condition as you.  So stay tuned for upcoming opportunities, sign onto our mailing list to keep up to date, and get on board!  Contact us at