Warwick Sickling Takes the Top Spot

The June 2015 HypoActive committee meeting was exceptionally pleased to welcome and ratify the group's new president, Warwick Sickling. Warwick has been actively involved with HA since he learnt about the group in 2012 and then attended the celebrated Creswick AcT1vate in 2013.

Warwick was invited to take the president's position with HypoActive as the whole committee was familiar with his commitment, drive and unceasing high spirits. He has a young family, but has taken the bold and laudable decision to donate a proportion of his scant spare time to the group he so strongly believes in. Fantastic stuff Warwick.

This of course means that Gavin Wright, president since November 2011, is stepping down. Naturally, we'd all like to thank Gavin for his solid work over a long period in which HypoActive has grown as a type 1 support group and achieved a higher profile within the diabetes community than ever before. 

When Gavin was asked for his reasons for retirement, he said, 'I'm planning on spending more time with my bicycles. And my family. It's been a pleasure and an honour to be in such a pivotal role with HypoActive. I'm just one of the many type 1's whose life has been changed - quite significantly - by this amazing group, but I feel it's time to prick the finger and get some new blood.'

Just to clarify, Gavin is happy to continue writing the popular HypoActive newsletter.

I'm sure every one of HypoActive's readers and supporters would like to welcome Warwick and thank him for stepping into the key position. Warwick has written a few paragraphs to introduce himself to the HypoActive membership.

Take it away, Warwick...


Managing diabetes can be easy some days, but often becomes a chore with frustration at why what was working yesterday is not working today.  There is good reason why diabetics are twice as likely to experience depression as non-diabetics.  What I love about Hypoactive is that by combining exercise with social interaction with other diabetics, we can manage our diabetes better and be much less likely to suffer from depression.

My name is Warwick Sickling, and I have had type 1 diabetes for almost five years.  Receiving the diagnosis was an incredible shock and I feel extremely blessed that at my time of diagnosis, I had a knee injury that was being managed by a physiotherapist who had type 1 diabetes herself.  She was able to answer a lot of my questions and reassure me that type 1 is very manageable.  If I have to have a condition, then I am glad that that is type 1.  It is a lot easier to manage than other conditions and diseases that I could have.  I can live a mostly normal life, and my health is largely in my hands.

I discovered HypoActive in 2012, attended the fabulous AcT1vate weekend in 2013, and was a part of the AcT1vate committee that staged the 2014 Essence of AcT1vate conference last year.  HypoActive has been responsible for introducing me to many other diabetics who exercise (AKA friends) and the support I have received has been incredibly helpful to me.

I love sport and exercise.  At the time of my diagnosis I was training for my fourth and fifth half ironman events.  One of my first questions to the diabetic team that diagnosed me was whether I would have to stop training for these, and after receiving an assurance that I wouldn't, I completed both, setting a PB in the fifth.  I am a cycle commuter, I love running, and I play (very) social basketball once a week.  Exercise is an extremely important part of managing my blood glucose levels and mood and I can't imagine life without it.

One of my goals for HypoActive is to expand the number of regular exercise club meetings.  While HypoActive traditionally has a strong base in Victoria, I'd like to see this spread across to other areas of Australia and New Zealand.  If you are interested in getting involved in helping us grow, I'd love to hear from you.  I'd also love to hear from you if you have any ideas about what we can be doing to encourage each other in our diabetes management - just email me -