Run Melbourne: Anyone Can. And they did!

Sunday morning, 18 July 2010, saw seventeen thousand of Victoria's bravest two-legged pavement pounders take to St Kilda Road, the Melbourne sports precinct, Flinders Street and Birrarung Marr for the annual Run Melbourne event.

Erin and John before their 10km event
Read John's account of his first run with HypoActive.

Emerging from the packs of chilled runners with frosted breaths were fourteen splendidly dressed and well tested runners.  Our type one team members could be seen in each run distance offered in the event - from the 5km run/walk, the 10km double dash, and for two impressive type one-rs - Rowan and Yve - the half marathon.

Greg, John and Stuart get chilly before the 10km, while Hayley, Jill, Bec and Adrian enjoy the sun before their 5km start

Team members had come from far and wide across Victoria, with the majority meeting the night before for a carb-loaded dinner at one of those Italian pasta restaurants Melbourne is famous for.  By the time the run was over and coffees were served at the post-run brunch, it was if this group of strangers had known each other for much much longer.

As each runner filtered in for coffee and a debrief, news of their achievements were quickly shared and celebrated.  Stuart had smashed the 10km in an impressive 40-odd minutes, while multiple-marathoner John used the 10km as a bit of base work towards future events and to test out his new pump.  For Erin, it was her first time in a fun run - ever - and not only that, she had completed not the 5km, but the 10km distance.  In his second run with HypoActive, Ben was pumped to also complete the 10km (his first at that distance) with blood sugars that totally rocked.  He had applied his learnings from his first fun run, which was at the Run for the Kids back in March.  And one half of our half-marathon team, Yve, was pleased to report smashing her personal best by over ten minutes.  She also reported a strained quad, and sat over coffee with a pack of ice resting on her thigh.  A truly inspirational feat!

Some runners finished with lower BGs than they would have liked, some were forced to eat mid-event, while others were shocked to find they had actually finished a lot higher than what they had started with.  Having a chance to talk about your own experience to an audience who 'gets it', debate the reasons why and perhaps even learn from others on different management techniques was appreciated by all.  But then again, maybe it was just the warmth of the coffee that made it sound good.    

Yve in action; Stuart eyeing off the competition; and Greg pumped to be running with others for the first time!

The motto of Run Melbourne is: Anyone Can. 

Well, after witnessing Sunday, we know for sure that Anyone With Type One Diabetes Can Too!

HypoActive is always keen to support and expand the network of runners at events such as these and within the HypoActive community.  We are also considering a presence for the next major run event in Melbourne: the Melbourne Marathon festival (although there are also much much shorter distances to choose from).

If you are into running and are interested in social run gatherings, please contact us here.

Support crew member Craig models the new HypoActive hoodie; while the 5km-ers head off to their start with their Insulin Injected Engines finely tuned.

Thanks to Craig for assisting with the support crew duties, modelling the new hoodie, and handing out uniform in bloody cold conditions!



YEY GO TEAM HYPO ACTIVE! well done to the brave 10km/marathon runners aswell, that i didnt get to meet on sunday..what a great effort and achievement im super proud of you fellow diabetics =) i was very excited to be part of my first proper event! thanks monique and craig for the organising and support part!